Fake Bake FAQ

1. “Why Is the Product So Brown”? .... This development was one of the most technologically advanced discoveries we made with this product, in that we found that this color pigment finally eliminated any streaking. Our customers can be ‘in control’ of their product as they see it go right onto their skin. IMPORTANT NOTE: This color is neither a stain nor a dye, but it is a naturally based organic color pigment that is temporary. (The DHA is what is actually tan-ning your body, while the color is for application purpose only).

2. “Will it stain my clothing or other items?”........NO! Since organic color pigment is not a stain or dye, it will wash out of any synthetic material. Many of our focus groups included testing such items and the results found that it could treated even easier than your average make-up collar that when thrown in the Wash it is easily removed. (No need for special fabric treatments etc.)

3. “How long does it last?”......This is one of our favorite questions! Because we often boast on the fact that you should only apply our product once or twice a week on average! Of course, you will find your own maintenance. Re-member that you’re the one in control and you can deepen your tan by applying more or less as desired.

4. “Does it wash off?”....NO! Remember the organic color is for application and we actually recommend that you rinse this off the next morning after your nightly application. The unique ingredient Dihydroxy (DHA) is what is cre-ating a real tan on your skins surface, so just like a tan from the sun that will not wash off, neither will this new prod-uct with it’s new breakthrough formulation!
NOTE: DHA is not permanent, so it will fade just as any suntan does, which is why a weekly application is recom-mended to continue to maintain your tan.

5. “Can I use it in the Sun or with Sunbeds?”.....OF COURSE YOU CAN!
In our marketing research we actually found additional important discoveries with this new product line. First of all, when stimulating the dark pigment of the skin (known as melanin) with our formula, we found that when exposed to any form of suntanning, acceleration occurs. Therefore, for those who wish to combine our product with their sun-ning regimen will find much quicker and more satisfying results than ever before. And it is especially interesting to find that many Suntan Salons are interested in carrying our products for that very reason. Not only are they utilizing the product as an Melanin Accelerator along with the Sunbeams, but also for those customers who usually cover their faces or don’t have even tan areas on the sides of their bodies find this product to be ideal for these hard to tan areas.

6. “Does your product have any Sunscreen or SPF?”....No, but we recommend using your favorite sunblock.

7. “What about swimming with the product”?.......Again, we emphasize that this product fades but doesn’t wash off. For the very best results we have ever seen, is with those who follow our instructions and apply the product at night and shower the next morning. Obviously, you wouldn’t swim right after application of the product, since this would simply be wasting your product. So swim after your morning rinse!

8. “Are there any harmful effects of this product”?....Any Dermatologist will be much happier to see you use a dihydroxy formulation to create a tan vs. baking for prolonged hours in the sun! Our product had no animal testing, first for reasons that our company members felt very conscientious about and secondly because we were not dealing with harmful ingredients that would have ever required extensive testing. We feel we have the most organically based product to promote healthy skin.

9. “How long does it take to dry?”......The level of moisture in each skin type varies greatly, but in general we have found a 5-10 minute period.

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